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Do you have a secret,
A secret hidden deep within you,
Fearing it would come out some day,
N force you to bid your normal life adieu,
Do you have a secret,
A secret long lost,
Having wished to reveal it,
Knowing it wouldn’t hurt you at any cost,
Everybody has a secret,
A secret that some reveal, some don’,
No matter how big or small,
It leaves us with a world of our own.

                                                            Sheena © 2011


Magic Lamp..

Look at me carefully,
Am no ordinary lamp,
I’ve been here for centuries,
Your three wishes ill grant.

I dare not bring people back from dead,
Nor will i kill any enemy of yours,
If there’s anything else you wish to have,
It’l be all yours.

Wealth, luxury n happiness,
I have them at my beck n call,
Be wise n make your pick,
N you’ll be blessed with them all.

                                                              Sheena © 2011


The clouds are smiling,
Rainbow rising,
Theres magic in the air today,
Stars shining, flowers dancing
throughout my way,
A feeling that i cant explain,
Showering blessings
with every drop of rain,
Somebody tell me if this’s heaven
Cause Ive never felt like this before,
Weaving dreams so golden
Nothing will the same ever more.

                                                              Sheena © 2011

Duck kingdom

 A lost prince, abandoned at the shore,
Dreaming of his kingdom, which was his no more,
Having lost it to his evil twin,
Wondering if it would have been his destiny if he had ever sinned.

Lost in thoughts he looks for hope,
Wishing he hadnt trusted n been such a dope,
An old sage passing by sees the prince,
Tells him words of wisdom to make the prince convince,
For his wisdom was vast n beyond this world,
Following his words of wisdom the prince carries on.

“Spread your wings, race the wind;
Your bravery will help you reach the stars;
Fight for your right with all your soul n might;
Your destiny will reward you in this war.”

 Gathering his few followers he makes a plan,
To attack at dawn n regain his land,
To free his people from his evil twin,
N to fight till the last breath till death may win.

 They set their flight n raced through the wind,
Finishing every single warrior of his evil twin,
Slaying his twin with his blessed knife,
Bringing the magical kingdom back to life.

                                                           Sheena © 2011

Never never land

An unstrained fancy, an envisioning of the untrue;
Everything s so good then why so blue?

A land straight out of a fairy tale,
A land out of imagination, a land so true;
A conceptualization of a walking dream
for the livid minds hues.

Cloud nine, seventh heaven, highest waterfall;
N still we feel we are above them all.

                                                               Sheena © 2011