A five letter healing word,
A sign of strength
and weakness,
A mockery for some,
A penalty for many,
If told
with the
deepest regret
without amending
the past,
Or the past amended
without an apology
so lame,
Would they both then
still mean
the same..?

                                                             Sheena © 2011


47 responses to “Sorry…?

  1. Aah… But Sorry is the hardest word…

    Love and squishy hugs!


  2. Hi Sheena!!! 🙂

    Your Squirrel sounds sweet – we have wild ones here that live here by feeding on bird tables and when the trees produce fruit.

    We used to have a plum tree we used to collect the fruit from, but the squirrel ate the crop and we only got a few before a storm took out the tree leaving just the two flowering cherry trees – and the squirrel pigs out on the cherries, so we haven’t had any left for years!!!

    Still: It’s nice to see the little thing grow up and running around in the early morning!!!

    I know what you mean about the rain – I’m happy to stay home though!!!

    I’m a bit reluctant to get involved in another game – I’m already playing two, plus my racing games on the PS3, so I need to cut back or I’ll not be doing the laundry etc… LoL!!!

    You have a lovely Wednesday too sweetheart!!!

    God Bless!


    • Oh she’s very sweet n ive spoilt her too.. 🙂 Love her to bits… Very picky about her food n where she sleeps… We have to give her all possible options n she’ll pick..:) Princess Choo!! 🙂 She’s asleep now… Oh yes they don spare any flowers or fruits they see.. We’v shifted all our plants to the terrace… Otherwise it doesn’t let even a single flower to bloom…
      LOL.. If ever you feel like playing n trying a new game ill send you the request… 🙂
      Have a great day…

  3. An apology is in order. I just recently noticed your kind remark regarding my recent birthday in February. Thank you for visiting my site and taking time to be so thoughtful. I am enjoying your very creative site.

  4. ‘Sorry’ trips of some peoples tongue like an instant balm to heal… but you sometimes wonder how sorry they are… I loved this Sheena, a wonderful deep look into that small five letter word which can be so difficult to utter, but which can mean so much when truly meant. xPenx.

    • Hi Pen,
      People often say sorry but i doubt even half of them mean what they are saying… Most of them say it just to get away from trouble, not that they really mean it… Thanks for the comment Pen..
      Hugs to you…

  5. An easy word to use Shareena and is used by many to cover up mistakes after being caught out in lies or displaying false emotions , when used in its truest form it is a word of sincerity

  6. Hi Ian,
    You are so right… Sorry is often told to avoid further trouble… When told truly with a sincere heart, its worth forgiving them no matter how much they’ve hurt you…
    Hugs to you..

  7. Good one! ‘Sorry’ is really a healing word. It brings ‘sunshine’ amidst darkness.

  8. It takes strength to say it for most, but if you mean it…it should be easy. I have no problem using the word, just try not to get into situations to where I need to say it!

  9. Hi Jason,
    Every sorry that comes from the heart is worth being forgiven.. Many thanks for the comment…

  10. Hi Sheena
    I can’t really say that I’m a big fan of the word “sorry”
    I think that if one is..
    one will demonstrate it

    Sheena…. wishing you a beautiful weekend

    Gary xox

  11. Hi Gary,
    More than just the word when ppl try to make up for the mistakes it means a lot n it assures you that the person really means it… Thanks for the comment Gary..

  12. nice and simple. As always 🙂

  13. Yes ‘Sorry’ is a word so easily said and often used without any real meaning to it, usually as a means of a quick solution however if the apology is of this nature then ‘Sorry’ becomes a callous interpretation and means nothing.

    A very nice posting Sheena…

    Androgoth Xx

    • Hi Andro,
      You are right.. Sorry when told from the heart can always be forgiven but when one tries to make up for the mistakes, that lost trust is also back sometimes…
      Many thanks for your comments Andro..
      Pleasure to see you here…
      Hugs to you..

  14. thank you my freind for visite in my blog..
    Have a Nice day..

    Kiss and hugs*****Serena… 😉

  15. it is such a beautiful thought mystique, loved ur words honestly 🙂

  16. Hi Mahlaqa,
    Thank you for your kind comment.. Looking fwd to your posts too…

  17. Welcome back.

  18. Thanks Nick.. Not regular though.. 2 posts this mnth.. Expected only one.. Good to see you here..
    Hugs to you..

  19. Hi Sheena! 🙂

    Thanks for the visit and comment! 🙂

    I have to remember to eat breakfast – apparently your body needs to eat or it goes into starvation mode and you stop losing weight…

    Yeah I’m only on FB because my friends kept bugging me to take part and I’m only playing Miniplanet because Gina conned me into joining up.

    Puzzled Hearts is painless – just you have to log on every hour to earn puzzle pieces…

    I’ve also noticed that if anyone has their FB page set to private you can’t post hearts on their blogs…

    Thanks for the best wishes – I could really do with being a millionaire right about now…

    Love and hugs!


    • Hi Prenin,
      Waiting for an hour is the problem for me Ian.. When am playing something i want to play it till i get bored, not till the game wants me too.. Going back to it after an hour n then stopping again in between.. Dislike that… I would be glad if i could stop with yoville also… Hate the new chat box.. Though am rarely on it but still i prefer the old one.. N no idea why every comment n like i click on everybody gets to know.. Hate that setting.. If only Mark Zuckerberg would read this.. lol…
      Have a lovely day Ian..
      Hugs to you too…

  20. i’d want a present instead of a sorry any day but great poem!!

    • Hi Eva,
      That would be a great idea.. lol.. Will have to think about it…
      Tried accessing your blog.. Says it doesn’t exit.. Don tell me you’ve deleted it… Let me know if you start a new one.. Stay in touch..
      Take care…

  21. I like this, Sheena, particularly the last two lines which seal the poem perfectly. Well done again.

  22. nice one!
    btw about sorries, i have had some real bitter experiences. there is no word abused in english literature more than ‘sorry’, some dont mean it, dont own it, yet thats their ticket to drift away *sorry*

  23. Hi Habiba,
    Yeah many people use sorry as a ticket to get away from trouble but when told truly from the heart it means a lot.. Even better when people try to make up for their mistakes instead of hiding behind the darn word…
    Many thanks for your comment Habiba..

  24. Beautiful Blog Greetings all you dear you have a nice day Gislinde

  25. Many thanks Gislinde.. You too have a lovely day..

  26. Hi sweety! 🙂

    Sorry about your loss – Life has only one certainty, it’s gonna end, but what we leave behind is what we will be remembered for – and if your grandpa was anything like mine was then the memories will be many and will live on long after…

    I know what you mean.

    Puzzled hearts is a minor amusement and the time setup is frustrating, so I just log on occasionally.

    Miniplanet is another time controlled game/social network that has palled because friends have moved on and we live in different time zones…

    My dad broke my nose when I was a kid, so the doc said not to worry as it’ll get better, but so far it hasn’t…

    I get headaches in warm weather, but I have plenty of pain killers if it gets bad, but none of my favourite pain killer JD!!! LoL!!!

    Love and squishy hugs Sheena!!! 🙂


    • Hi Prenin,
      my grandpa would have been 87 this November.. He was getting old but still din expect it since he was very healthy till the end.. He was a chemical engineer n had traveled a lot… I miss listening to his stories n palm reading everytime i went there..

      Not being able to play on FB makes it a tad boring but its still better than playing..
      Sorry about your dad.. Hope he realizes some day all the pain he had given to you n your family..
      I hope alls well with you..
      Love n big squishy hugs to you too..

  27. Saying sorry is very hard so I choose never to say it because I make sure I never do anything where I will find myself in a position of apologising.

    What really gets on my nerves is when people use the word so off handedly and think it will solve everything and get them out of any wrong doing they have done. That drives me mad!

    And sorry should mean … I am sorry … and if you truly are you wont do the same thing again.. but still tend to repeat their mistakes and use sorry as get of jail card.

    • Hi there,
      I know what you mean n i so very much agree with it.. Sorry is often used as a ticket to get away from trouble.. When somebody means it they’ll show it n not just fake n hide behind that word..
      Many thanks for your kind comment..
      Hugs to you..

      • There is one person in my life who will do the worst of things that hurt and upset me.. and then thinks “sorry” solves it all… only again to go and do the same thing again and again…

        hugs to you too… 🙂

  28. I understand that.. People who hide behind that word never learn the meaning or the importance of that word.. Not worth hearing it from them.. If somebody is really sorry they’ll try everything to make up for it.. Thanks for stopping by again..
    Have a great evening..

  29. Hey I am sorry to hear abt ur grand dad; I am sure he remains in ur memories and would be smiling at u from that wonderful place up there. And yes I believe that a heart felt apology is the hardest thing to say and a fake one is dropped left right and center all the time, just to make their troubles go away.

  30. I do miss my grandpa esp when i go to my native.. He was healthy even at that age so it was unexpected.. Feel like I’ve lost a friend.. Thank you for your kind words my friend.. Much appreciated..

    Sorry isn’t a easy word to say.. When told from the heart its worth been forgiven but not all understand or appreciate that word.. The ones who don normally use it as a means to get away from trouble..

    Hope you are enjoying your day..

  31. Well done – once more!

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