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Many a times
a face in the crowd holds on to the heart,
With stolen smiles
N hide n seek of the eyes,
Conquers the thoughts
Teases the mind n tugs the heart,
Following every move
never taking eyes of the other,
The sign language continues
one after another,
After a long unforeseen rendezvous
the day comes to an end,
N the face is lost in the crowd again.

                                                              Sheena © 2011



Everywhere ive been,
Many faces ive seen,
Each with a different tale to tell,
Each living in their own shell,
With myriad expressions,
Lost in different directions,
Every face
wearing a mask,
Every face
a mystery to unmask,
Some happy, some not,
Watch the faces,
They speak a lot.

  Sheena © 2011