Duck kingdom

 A lost prince, abandoned at the shore,
Dreaming of his kingdom, which was his no more,
Having lost it to his evil twin,
Wondering if it would have been his destiny if he had ever sinned.

Lost in thoughts he looks for hope,
Wishing he hadnt trusted n been such a dope,
An old sage passing by sees the prince,
Tells him words of wisdom to make the prince convince,
For his wisdom was vast n beyond this world,
Following his words of wisdom the prince carries on.

“Spread your wings, race the wind;
Your bravery will help you reach the stars;
Fight for your right with all your soul n might;
Your destiny will reward you in this war.”

 Gathering his few followers he makes a plan,
To attack at dawn n regain his land,
To free his people from his evil twin,
N to fight till the last breath till death may win.

 They set their flight n raced through the wind,
Finishing every single warrior of his evil twin,
Slaying his twin with his blessed knife,
Bringing the magical kingdom back to life.

                                                           Sheena © 2011


19 responses to “Duck kingdom

  1. So, so magical and uplifting, Mystique. I love fantasy and magic, and evil twins just adds to the mixture. Wonderful read, my friend xPenx

  2. I was watching the various animal life patterns on national geo this mrng… Gave it a splash of fantasy n wrote this… Thanks so much for the comment Pen…

  3. Great job! You took what appeared to be a children’s poem and rocked the house with it!

  4. And long may her reign!!! 🙂

    Very nice piece love!!!

    Huge hugs!


  5. Make that Long May HE Reign!!! ROFL!!!

  6. For once i thought you mistook my duck prince for a princess… 🙂 Poor prince…:) I just like to play up with words… Complete time pass in a fun way… Many thanks for your comment sir prenin…

  7. “Brilliant” is all I can say. You have got some real poetic talent. Excellent use of the pictures as well.

  8. Thanks Eddie… Am glad you liked my little fantasy ride…

  9. I’ll put my hand up here and say that I don’t really do fantasy but I did read this through several times and enjoyed the story within it. I like your sense of rhythm and how sometimes you stretch it. Keep writing. 🙂

  10. I like fantasy though i haven’t watched any of the harry potter or any other similar kind movies… The type i like are all kind of related to the old stories… Many thanks for your comment Al… Much appreciated…

  11. Hi hun! 🙂

    30 – 32 degreea and the Tabloids would be headlining with ‘PHEW! WHAT A SCORCHER!’ LoL!

    Yes, we have our winter and long for summer, then along comes summer and…

    Yeah I guess it’s because I went through the same process with Darrell when he had his stroke and I ended up doing all his paperwork…

    You have a great day too sweety! 🙂

    Love and hugs!


    • Hi Prenin,
      30-32 degrees is very common overhere… Where am staying right now the coldest it can get is 22 degrees during winter.. N we are used to the weather too though we complain a lot about it esp during summer.. 🙂 But trust me, a little less than 22 degrees n ill be freezing at home.. 🙂

  12. Thank you for the little magical interlude! It’s greatly appreciated.

  13. “Race the wind”. I remember doing that when I was a kid. Until now I did not know I missed it.

  14. Unknowingly ive done it many times as a kid, maybe when we were playing… Miss that feeling… Thanks so much for the comment…

  15. So Mystiquey !! 😉

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