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If you were hurt,
Would you let go?
If you were betrayed,
Curses would you bestow?
Of all that’s been told about live and let live,
Would it be the same as to forget and forgive..
I would ask god if he was still around,
To convince me nothing stays for long,
Being a bit skeptical I’d just like to know,
Although a little tardy, a little slow,
What goes around
Would it really
come around…?

Sheena © 2013



A stranger
yet a known face,
A playup
with imagination
Or an unknown
A delusion of the mind
Or a psychic
Myriad thoughts without
any end,
An unanswered past
Known the face yet no clue,
Tell me stranger
who are you..

                                                              Sheena © 2011


Many a times
a face in the crowd holds on to the heart,
With stolen smiles
N hide n seek of the eyes,
Conquers the thoughts
Teases the mind n tugs the heart,
Following every move
never taking eyes of the other,
The sign language continues
one after another,
After a long unforeseen rendezvous
the day comes to an end,
N the face is lost in the crowd again.

                                                              Sheena © 2011

Grieving soul…

Shadowed by sorrows, life takes a ride;
No where to run,
no where to hide;
Wondering where this path leads;
Sorrows turning dreams blind;
But still pursues the grieving mind?…
Why do dreams
help build castles in the air;
When your destiny
would turn it into despair?…
In pursuit of the
happiness long gone;
Tears start to fall…

                                                            Sheena © 2011