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The clouds are smiling,
Rainbow rising,
Theres magic in the air today,
Stars shining, flowers dancing
throughout my way,
A feeling that i cant explain,
Showering blessings
with every drop of rain,
Somebody tell me if this’s heaven
Cause Ive never felt like this before,
Weaving dreams so golden
Nothing will the same ever more.

                                                              Sheena © 2011


A Dream..

When life seems so rough,
When the going gets tough,
My imagination comes into play,
N takes me away,
to a land of dreams,
A dream far away from reality,
A dream yet so real,
Where the stars shine,
Sun smiles,
N so does my heart!
Every wish granted,
Every dream blessed,
An escapade, helping me cope with reality,
A land never real n never will be,
A dream flowing like a stream,
In the land of my dreams.. 

Sheena © 2011

Remember me?…

She sits there, lost in thoughts, thinking of an encounter;
A brush with the past or just an
illusion of her mind?
A forgotten reality or just a dream?
She reminisces a few things,
her tears n her outcry;
Her heart was broken into a million pieces n
she couldn’t say a word;
Her wrath n her hatred took the upper hand,
though she never meant a word;
Maybe that’s why,
She said
“I want to be free
from you
n from me”;
Maybe that’s why,
She stood in awe n surprise when asked
remember me?…

                                                             Sheena © 2011