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Do you have a secret,
A secret hidden deep within you,
Fearing it would come out some day,
N force you to bid your normal life adieu,
Do you have a secret,
A secret long lost,
Having wished to reveal it,
Knowing it wouldn’t hurt you at any cost,
Everybody has a secret,
A secret that some reveal, some don’,
No matter how big or small,
It leaves us with a world of our own.

                                                            Sheena © 2011


To a fresh start……

Two days back, by mistake i happened to delete my one month old blog… no regrets!! Am starting fresh again… But once again am faced with the problem of ‘what am I supposed to write in my first post?’…

Last time I started off with a recipe… This time I thought il write since my blog isn’t n wasn’t entirely about cooking…

My old blog seems to be like a rough draft… That would be something common to everybody who is new to blogging… I started writing just for the love of it… So eventually with no tags n a common blog name, my posts seemed to be lost among the millions of posts freshly pressed…

I don intend to change much, since am still writing just for the love of it.. 

But this time Ive made it a point to add tags n blog at least once a week, correct all the mistakes i made in the previous blog n have a better blog with better n happy posts… Happy blogging!!

                                                       Sheena © 2011