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If you were hurt,
Would you let go?
If you were betrayed,
Curses would you bestow?
Of all that’s been told about live and let live,
Would it be the same as to forget and forgive..
I would ask god if he was still around,
To convince me nothing stays for long,
Being a bit skeptical I’d just like to know,
Although a little tardy, a little slow,
What goes around
Would it really
come around…?

Sheena © 2013



The clouds are smiling,
Rainbow rising,
Theres magic in the air today,
Stars shining, flowers dancing
throughout my way,
A feeling that i cant explain,
Showering blessings
with every drop of rain,
Somebody tell me if this’s heaven
Cause Ive never felt like this before,
Weaving dreams so golden
Nothing will the same ever more.

                                                              Sheena © 2011


Shining in the sun n rain
like a crown
in the sky,
Frail in its appearance
but eternal is its
Woven with colors of hope,
There’s not one glimpse
of night,
Sprinkling colors
of joy,
The rainbow of life.. 

                                                              Sheena © 2011