Magic Lamp..

Look at me carefully,
Am no ordinary lamp,
I’ve been here for centuries,
Your three wishes ill grant.

I dare not bring people back from dead,
Nor will i kill any enemy of yours,
If there’s anything else you wish to have,
It’l be all yours.

Wealth, luxury n happiness,
I have them at my beck n call,
Be wise n make your pick,
N you’ll be blessed with them all.

                                                              Sheena © 2011


54 responses to “Magic Lamp..

  1. OOoo I love magic lamps, Sheena, and I will think on my three wishes very, very carefully…Maybe your wishes bring you health, wealth and lots of happiness my friend. Hope your Wednesday ifs full of fun.. 😀 xPenx

    • Hi Pen,
      I saw a pic of Aladdin n Jasmine with the genie in a book store yest… Thought ill write something about the lamp… Use to love that cartoon as a kid… Many thanks for your wishes my friend.. Hope they come true for you too…
      Love n hugs…

  2. I want to live long, live happy and be content.

    Not much to ask, is it? 🙂

    Love and hugs!


    • Hi Prenin,
      Its a magic lamp Ian so its never too much to ask.. N now that you’ve made your wishes on your b’day itl have to come true… 🙂 Hope you are enjoying your b’day my friend…
      Love n hugs..

      • Thanks Sheena! 🙂

        I didn’t get to take any photo’s – the weather was too erratic and two of the kids had impetigo so had to be taken to the pharmacy, Pat had to go out unexpectedly – basically everything went out of the window… :o(

        Hopefully we’ll have another shot at it next week – Pat is 60 on the 11th – but I can make no promises – it’s kind of crazy this year!!! :oS

        Love and squishy hugs!


      • Hi Prenin,
        Am glad you enjoyed your b’day even though the ending was unexpected… 🙂 Hope the kids are better now…
        Take care…
        Love n hugs to you too…

  3. Have a Nice Day my freind..

    Kiss and Hugs*****Serena..

  4. Hi Sheena
    I would like to wish for…

    The people of the world to live in peace
    And end to animal cruelty
    Good health for all

    I hope you can oblige !

    I enjoyed this Sheena
    Thank you !

    I also wish you a beautiful day

    Gary xox

    p.s. what do you wish for?

    • Hi Gary,
      I hope all your wishes come true.. Esp the second one… Am totally against animal cruelty.. Had seen a video few months back on how animals were beaten n left to die just for their skin.. Some animals were still alive when their skin was being ripped off… It was a PETA video… Din have the heart to watch the whole thing…
      I hope all your other wishes come true too…
      Glad you liked the idea of the magic lamp Gary…
      My 3 wishes would be love health n happiness…:)

  5. Health Happiness and love and let me loose in Aladdins cave , I could solve a lot of problems in the world and maybe have enough left over to have a Harem and a Rolls Royce and a Rolex watch and a private Yacht in the Carribean and a private jet to tour the world and a Harem and own racehorses and own a big international rock band and have a Harem and dream dream dream dream
    Love the idea of your magic lamp Genie Shareena

    • Hi Ian,
      I hope all your wishes come true n you live with your loved one happily always… Not sure about the Harem part (will have to ask Ana about it 😉 ) but the rest of the wishes, Rolls Royce n the Rolex watch and the private jet n the race course and the international rock band lol, they are all granted… 🙂
      Take care..
      Love n hugs..

  6. hey sheena
    cd u lend me the lamp for a day, i wana win a trip tp heaven 😀

  7. Can you use one of your wishes to make me rich? lol….no, really just need a 4-wheeler & a boat since I moved & now live on a lake! Great stuff!

  8. I needed a magic lamp last week when the Vespa headlight failed. I wished and it worked. I got my wish. Thanks

  9. your simplicity rocks

  10. Okay! 3 wishes. Make me healthy, wealthy and ( beyond possible ) wise.

  11. Aladdin lamp, one of my childhood fantasies 🙂
    I always dreamed of owning a huge huge library, with beautiful black wood interior, a cozy fireplace, an armchair, the ceiling preferably very high, such type of a place where even careful footsteps make a distinguished echo, rows and rows of shelves with endless collection of books….:]
    I hope one day I will get it, even without the help of the lamp IA, though yes in real terms it might be simpler than the above description…

    • Someday that dream of yours might come true.. Like the idea of the library… Like i said earlier its so nice to have wishes granted without any magic lamps.. Thanks for the comment…

  12. You write good stuf….keep it coming

  13. Wünsche einen schönen Abend und guten wochenstart lieber Gruss Gislinde

  14. i always wanted to be alladin jsut to rub a lamp to have my three wishes come true. great poem!

  15. Aww, this brought back memories of my childhood when I was obsessed with Aladdin. 🙂
    Thanks for sharing.

  16. Hi Sheena!!! 🙂

    Yeah I get bad ones if I’m stressed and escalators usually appear in them…

    I’m not so much addicted as curious to see the picture made from the puzzle.

    It is a painless way to entertain myself and now I know HOW it works I’m content to play it as and when required! 🙂

    The only catch with Gran Tourismo 5 is that it is Playstation 3 only so I can’t share with Janice’s kids because they own an XBox.

    I think they got bored because I use a mix of upper case, lower case and numbers in a long password.

    Hopefully that’ll keep them out! 🙂

    God Bless hun!


    • Hi Prenin,
      I have problems with both my Facebook n WordPress accounts… Friends keep disappearing from my FB account n the next time i see it they are back… No idea how that happens.. Changed my password many times with all the cases n everything else lol.. Any more changes i do with the password, i myself wouldn’t remember it.. 🙂 My problem with WordPress is the same that you have with FB… Thats why i delete all the accounts am not using nor do i create any unless i badly need it or am forced to…
      Have a great day… 🙂
      Love n hugs!

  17. Awesome poem. It makes me want to re watch Aladdin.

  18. Ganz lieber Gruss und einen schönen Tag wünsche ich dir Gislinde

  19. Hello Sheena
    I’m just dropping by to say…Hi
    And I hope all is well !

    Gary xox

    • Hi Gary,
      Very cold overhere today..:) I keep checking everybody’s blogs but right now am more occupied with something else, so cant think of any topic to write about… Glad you dropped by..:) Hope you are doing well… Have a great night…
      Take care..

  20. How wickedly exciting,
    No, Your Poem I Mean… lol

    Have a nice rest of Friday now

    Androgoth Xx

    • Hi Andro,
      lol now what else could it mean…
      Good to see you here.. Thanks for stopping by n commenting…
      Have a great day…

    • Hi Andro,
      Not able to access your blog.. Got a mail that you’ve granted access but still not able to… Not sure why..
      Hope all is well with you..
      Take care..

      • Thank you for being patient, I have been tweaking my Space, and deleting many of my earlier postings and pages, sorting out newer versions and only very recently changed my settings. I had been taking the Private option of WordPress, but here, unlike Windows Live Spaces it just doesn’t work properly with the restrictions, and so as a result many inteteresting peeps with excellent Spaces were unable to gain access so I have changed it.

        Hopefully there won’t be the same kind of hostility towards Goths at WordPress, however I did have one poster here that insulted me so I will just have to see how this experiment pans out. By the way the insult wasn’t anything to do with me being Gothic or indeed about my Space, but I guess there are always some strange peeps about on these networking websites, that is just how it is…

        Thank you for calling into My Gothic Realm today Sheena it was very nice to see you there and I hope that you will have the opportunity of calling by again sometime. Have a wicked rest of day and equally a fangtastic evening.

        Androgoth Xx

        Androgoth Xx

      • No worries Andro.. I’ve done my bit of blog editing some time back.. N I’ve deleted my WLS acc. since am already on FB n din wanna keep another acc. open.. I would just end up forgetting my password n not have access to my own account.. Done that several times before.. 😀
        I joined WP just because i thought it would be nice to put my thoughts down in the so called paper either through poems or plain writing… I’ve deleted most the writing part… Only the poems are there now… Wasn’t really interested in the stats earlier but its nice when ppl read n like what you’ve written… N happy with the friends I’ve made over here..
        Agree to the strange ppl part.. lol.. I’ve had one or two in the beginning… Delete them immediately…
        Have a great day my new friend…
        Hugs to you…

  21. Buon Weekend Cara Amica..
    Un Abbraccio…


    (¯`°v°´¯)…….♫ ………(¯`°v°´¯)
    ……♫……….(* ” ” *)
    ………………( =’o’= )
    ((_,»*¯*« »*¯*«,_)) ((_,»*¯*« »*¯*«,_))

  22. Hi Serena,
    You too have a great weekend… Many thanks for visiting…
    Hugs to you my friend…

  23. Nooruddin Jalal

    waw beautiful! Lit the fire and seek the magical lamp in yourself- for sure you will find the treasure trove with the lamp.

  24. Thanks for your kind comments Nooru.. Much appreciated…

  25. Hi Hun!!! 🙂

    Yes, I too am looking forward to yet another sandwich – after a day feeling yuck because of something I ate…

    Once you get higher you’ll be able to choose which puzzles you want to complete – lots of fun!!! LoL!!!


    I hadn’t heard of that one, but there seem to be a lot of different games on Face Book! 🙂

    Doug has hatched a plan to make money – he wants to make a porn movie starring him and his ex g/f and he wants me to convert it to DVD!!!

    Needless to say I made my excuses, so he spent a couple of days trying to get me to declare my homosexuality – apparently I have to be Queer not to jump at the chance of making porn… 😦

    Love and squishy hugs!


  26. Nice poem. I like it 🙂 I understood, that it was about a woman, and man’s expectations. But maybe I’m wrong.

  27. thankyou. i wish for money_a small house and many good things_amen.

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