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Remember me?…

She sits there, lost in thoughts, thinking of an encounter;
A brush with the past or just an
illusion of her mind?
A forgotten reality or just a dream?
She reminisces a few things,
her tears n her outcry;
Her heart was broken into a million pieces n
she couldn’t say a word;
Her wrath n her hatred took the upper hand,
though she never meant a word;
Maybe that’s why,
She said
“I want to be free
from you
n from me”;
Maybe that’s why,
She stood in awe n surprise when asked
remember me?…

                                                             Sheena © 2011


Grieving soul…

Shadowed by sorrows, life takes a ride;
No where to run,
no where to hide;
Wondering where this path leads;
Sorrows turning dreams blind;
But still pursues the grieving mind?…
Why do dreams
help build castles in the air;
When your destiny
would turn it into despair?…
In pursuit of the
happiness long gone;
Tears start to fall…

                                                            Sheena © 2011