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Do you have a secret,
A secret hidden deep within you,
Fearing it would come out some day,
N force you to bid your normal life adieu,
Do you have a secret,
A secret long lost,
Having wished to reveal it,
Knowing it wouldn’t hurt you at any cost,
Everybody has a secret,
A secret that some reveal, some don’,
No matter how big or small,
It leaves us with a world of our own.

                                                            Sheena © 2011



Knock knock, I entered the room
giving a sharp look at the tray;
Hello!! said the dentist, here comes my prey;
Well.. said he, how are we doing today?
Telling you frankly Mr.
I wish I was far far away;
Holding his torch n mirror
he examines my teeth;
I could sense trouble
in my every heart beat;
Don you worry said he, this wont hurt a bit;
I wish I could but
it was too late to quit;
He filled my teeth with white cement;
With pain n grief I lament;
Never fall for the dentists
sweet words in the clinic;
It’s all nothing but one big trick.

                                                              Sheena © 2011

Ahhh… Its the dentist…

I’m not sure if its just me but i have feared dentists ever since my first visit to the dental clinic… The mere smell of the clinic would be enough to push my stomach down my knees n make me feel sick… Not hard to forget the smell of antiseptic, bleach n the smell that something really bad is gonna follow… For somebody like me with a fear of syringes the anxiety of surrendering to the dentist would be more traumatic than being hit by a rocket… Now, it wouldn’t sound like I’m exaggerating if i had to tell you that none of my experiences at the clinic have been a pleasant one till date… Absolutely none…

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N i have taken to the best of my knowledge every precaution to avoid this situation… I brush every morning n night n use a mouthwash every night before i go to sleep… Not to forget i avoid sweets… ( I don seem to like them but it works in my favor as far as my teeth are concerned) But alas!!! It just wasn’t enough… Theres a dent in one of the molars… It wouldn’t be bad if it would remain the same size till i could overcome my fear of dentists but sadly the bloody thing grows n the only option i would have in the end would be root canal treatment… ( I would rather have my tooth removed)… Well it isn’t too late now n Ive already fixed an appointment with the dentist… All thats left to do is to wait for the fateful day…

                                                       Sheena © 2011