Never never land

An unstrained fancy, an envisioning of the untrue;
Everything s so good then why so blue?

A land straight out of a fairy tale,
A land out of imagination, a land so true;
A conceptualization of a walking dream
for the livid minds hues.

Cloud nine, seventh heaven, highest waterfall;
N still we feel we are above them all.

                                                               Sheena © 2011


8 responses to “Never never land

  1. HI there,
    I’ve just cleared out my emails and found the notification of your ‘like’ ing my Musical Question poem. Much appreciated…and sorry for taking so long, just shows how (dis) organised and up to date I am…sheesh!!
    So, I’ve come a-calling to have a look around, and it’s so true, we do feel we’re ‘up there’ looking down, and isn’t imagination a wonderful thing? I would be so lost without mine, it’s where I have most of my amazing adventures…(I say most, as life is an adventure in itself. 😀 ) xPenx

  2. You have written a lovely poem here Sheena, and of course imagination is the key to Fantasia, once inside you can have so many exciting times creating wonderful imagery and delighting in the wonders of wickedness, in the good sense of the word I mean.

    Then again wicked isn’t always negative is it my friend? Have a lovely rest of day now and as I always say, be good and if you can’t be good then be very naughty… lol

    Androgoth Xx

  3. I’d say wicked when used with anything would make it wickedly better.. lol.. 😉
    Imagination is a wonderful thing.. 🙂 Just daydreaming or an escape route, its more of a need for me..
    Thanks for your kind comments Andro..
    Lovely to see you here…

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