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Magic Lamp..

Look at me carefully,
Am no ordinary lamp,
I’ve been here for centuries,
Your three wishes ill grant.

I dare not bring people back from dead,
Nor will i kill any enemy of yours,
If there’s anything else you wish to have,
It’l be all yours.

Wealth, luxury n happiness,
I have them at my beck n call,
Be wise n make your pick,
N you’ll be blessed with them all.

                                                              Sheena © 2011


A Dream..

When life seems so rough,
When the going gets tough,
My imagination comes into play,
N takes me away,
to a land of dreams,
A dream far away from reality,
A dream yet so real,
Where the stars shine,
Sun smiles,
N so does my heart!
Every wish granted,
Every dream blessed,
An escapade, helping me cope with reality,
A land never real n never will be,
A dream flowing like a stream,
In the land of my dreams.. 

Sheena © 2011

Never never land

An unstrained fancy, an envisioning of the untrue;
Everything s so good then why so blue?

A land straight out of a fairy tale,
A land out of imagination, a land so true;
A conceptualization of a walking dream
for the livid minds hues.

Cloud nine, seventh heaven, highest waterfall;
N still we feel we are above them all.

                                                               Sheena © 2011