Everywhere ive been,
Many faces ive seen,
Each with a different tale to tell,
Each living in their own shell,
With myriad expressions,
Lost in different directions,
Every face
wearing a mask,
Every face
a mystery to unmask,
Some happy, some not,
Watch the faces,
They speak a lot.

  Sheena © 2011


34 responses to “Faces..

  1. I’m not on private – I’m just blocking search engines – so I’ll let you on as soon as you post a comment using your new blog!

    God Bless!


    • Hi Prenin..
      I had to change my id, not blog… I did it earlier n for some reason it din block me when i checked your blog… Will be able to comment now… Wont be making any more changes.. Except for the theme.. Till now ive liked only coraline but every time i turn the background black all the words are hard to see.. So chucked that… This ones OK.. My previous theme was good but very little options in that… I want some theme with black background.. Was struggling with the guest book today.. Finally done with that.. So no more changes for now.. Hope alls well with you.. 🙂

      • Glad you got it fixed hun! 🙂

        All’s well here – Doug hasn’t knocked on my door looking for help/booze etc. and I only had my step dad Hugh to help because he’s so thick he shouldn’t be allowed on a PC!!!

        Life is good…

        Love and hugs!


      • Good to hear that Prenin… Take care…

  2. Beautiful words

    Gary xox

  3. Don’t they just!!! 🙂

    Love and hugs!


  4. this shows how people are so complicated!…great peom…i loved it

  5. Good work. Glad the mood took you to write.

  6. I enjoyed that writing , the myriad of faces all having a different story and all walking a different path in life

  7. Thanks Ian.. Much appreciated…

  8. watch the faces…

    wow well done again 😀 lol.

  9. Good work, Ms Sunshine. Faces are masks, alright, rarely open………and I often wonder if walls could talk what tales they’d tell,too. Well done.

  10. All secrets would be revealed if walls could talk… Not all would want that… 🙂 Many thanks for the comment… Hope you had a great weekend…

  11. You have a very keen mind and soul. An excellent examination of the human condition. Good work!

  12. Excellent poem mystique.
    Faces sure can be revealing

  13. wow it worked i guess. how did you do it? fill me in when you can 🙂


  14. Hi Eddie,
    It took me almost half a day n left my mind boggling by the end of it… I wanted a theme with black ground but din know how to do it in Coraline( because by default it was set to white bc n everytime i tried a dark wp the letters would be invisible) so i tried half a day to find the HTML codes to change the color to make it visible… N i applied it to almost every para in my blog n later realized i just had to change it in the theme options… Dumb brunette eh? 😀

  15. haha well atleast you learnt it. 99% percent of the computer geniuses learn things that way 🙂 ..hit and trial…. 🙂

  16. Hi Hun!!! 🙂

    I’m on medication which messes with my sleep patterns, so sleep is a bit problematic.

    Take it too early and you can’t sleep, too late and you sleep VERY late! 😦

    The sleeping pills are Zopiclone which are highly addictive, so I only take them on three straight days, then leave for a week.

    I got addicted to them at one point – not fun and the comedown didn’t ease my mind too well… 😦

    I went to the dentist today – no problems replacing the lost filling – and John long ago suggested Sensodyne, but I prefer Colgate Sensitive -now with enamel guard!!! LoL!!!

    I could sell sand to Arabs… 🙂

    Love and squishy hugs!


    • Hi Prenin,
      The problem is that my filling is still intact… Its just 2 months that i got it filled up.. It wouldn’t go so quickly… Now i wonder whats he gonna do… I used sensodyne but my teeth aren’t all that sensitive… Well, they weren’t till now… 😉 Guess am gonna need that now… If it gets alright then am gonna stick to colgate… LOL on the last comment!!! Take care…

  17. Did you write this… super cool, I like it!

  18. Lovely poems, Mystique. I suck at rhyming. Loved that the most about your poems. 🙂

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