A Dream..

When life seems so rough,
When the going gets tough,
My imagination comes into play,
N takes me away,
to a land of dreams,
A dream far away from reality,
A dream yet so real,
Where the stars shine,
Sun smiles,
N so does my heart!
Every wish granted,
Every dream blessed,
An escapade, helping me cope with reality,
A land never real n never will be,
A dream flowing like a stream,
In the land of my dreams.. 

Sheena © 2011


40 responses to “A Dream..

  1. Sounds like my world of dreams! 🙂

    Love and hugs!


  2. Hi Ian… Mine are normally nightmares… Hope you are having better dreams… Happy dreaming my friend.. Take care…

  3. “What a day for a daydream “….don’t let the angst of life get you down, whatever you do. 🙂

  4. When life feels too tough I find peace and happiness in my dreams as well.

    Lovely words Mystique x

  5. very simple and innocently put.

  6. A beautif dreamy poem allowing the imagination to transport us to a world of utopia , away from the reality of everyday troubles , its beautiful to daydream of calmness and serenity.
    Well written dear friend

  7. Medicine for the mind i would say.. 😉 Glad you enjoyed the poem… Thanks for stopping by n the comment…

  8. Lovely, lovely dreamy Poem, Mystique, of escape by imagination and beyond. Such a wonderful place to be, and I loved the setup and the wonderful artwork. xPenx

  9. This made me want to crawl into a warm and soft bed and just let white noise whisk me away.

    I want to dream.

  10. Hi.. yeah very soothing n calming when mind is tensed.. Many thanks for stopping by n the comment… Happy dreaming..:)

  11. Hi Hun!!! 🙂

    Yo Ville sounds fun – Miniplanet is a money making exercise which made me chuckle at the thought of how easy it is squeeze money out of people!!!

    I enjoyed playing with it though and it filled a few hours – if we win the Tournament and a Gold prize (they also offer credit prizes) then I’ll spend it on more expensive items, but for now I am happy to play the games and chat with my friends!!!

    You take care too sweety – know that you are loved!!! 🙂

    God Bless!


    • I enjoyed playing farkle on MP.. Later searched in FB n found a separate application.. Lost almost all my coins for now.. 🙂 Will have to wait for a refill ..
      Squeezing money out of ppl n managing money… 🙂 Just because i don wanna loose all your chips ( esp in poker) n not be able to play more i always take on the least possible bet n play carefully… Almost all the games in FB Ive played are based on the same idea..— Money making n spending… 🙂

  12. if my imagination would take me away from my worries id never want to come back…great poem love the image too

  13. Oh yes Eva, i guess nobody would come back.. 😉
    But then we need the real world too so that we get more reasons to dream… 🙂 Many thanks for your comment n you take care…

  14. Dreams keep us sane in an insane world. Hi.

  15. They sure do hun.. Thanks for stopping by n commenting…

  16. OHH such a beautiful poem
    we all escape in our dreams.
    we are allowed to have dreams and sometimes they come true
    Fantastic piece of poetry

  17. A beautiful poem and thoughts of getting away, a place of dream and imagination we all need now and then.
    I came through Aussie and like your space here. I shall be back.

  18. Isnt imagination a wonderful thing… ? I would be so lost without mine… Good to see you here Raven n many thanks for commenting…

  19. Hi Sheena! 🙂

    I’ve read 96 emails so far today – I have a lot of friends – and sent out maybe a dozen.

    I get so used to it and it keeps me busy which is important when you are medicated and housebound…

    Unfortunately there are only the local pubs to go to and they cost money which I have little of, so have to spend wisely!!! 😦

    My only regular visitor is Doug – and he’s a mess in his own right!

    NEVER become dependent on drugs OR alcohol – Doug is and can’t cope without a drink inside him when he hasn’t got enough income to feed him, let alone afford booze!!!

    Yeah I have rather detailed dreams even if they do not always apply the rule of physical laws!!!

    The Omen dream WAS scary, but the harm wasn’t being done to me and I was trying to protect the kid from harm even though he was totally evil…

    I’m a big science fiction fan, so I loved the Star Trek series and the movies – I even have several of them on tape! 🙂

    I don’t remember the Princess diaries movie – glad you enjoyed it though! 🙂

    Have a great weekend Sheena! 🙂

    Love and hugs!


    • Hi Prenin,
      My Emails would have to include spam also to get that number in one day.. ;)Maybe even then it wouldn’t..
      Ive had a nightmare after i watched The Grudge… That was pretty scary.. 🙂
      I like sci fi movies too but sometimes i prefer the Princess Diaries kinda movies..
      Have a great weekend.. 🙂

  20. sup buddy ? not many updates of late ?

  21. Dreams – the affordable getaway!
    Magnificent post!

  22. An escape route definitely! Thanks Hook…

  23. Sheena was this poem abt u or me 😦

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