Remember me?…

She sits there, lost in thoughts, thinking of an encounter;
A brush with the past or just an
illusion of her mind?
A forgotten reality or just a dream?
She reminisces a few things,
her tears n her outcry;
Her heart was broken into a million pieces n
she couldn’t say a word;
Her wrath n her hatred took the upper hand,
though she never meant a word;
Maybe that’s why,
She said
“I want to be free
from you
n from me”;
Maybe that’s why,
She stood in awe n surprise when asked
remember me?…

                                                             Sheena © 2011


21 responses to “Remember me?…

  1. wonderfully dark, thoughtful and sorrowful, Mystique, made me want to cry, and being easily moved to tears lately, I did. Am I real or but a dream, I find it hard distinguish the two sometimes. xPenx

    • Awww… Being very sensitive myself i und how it is being moved to tears for every silly reason…(though i try hard never to show it..) Thanks for the comment Pen… Have a lovely week…

      • many thanks for your comment Mystique, hugs to you from me and my girl Bess, I hope the sunshine is warming you as you read this. take care and have a wonderful Easter… xPenx

  2. preobrazhenskii

    I am impressed, deeply thought provoking with a ‘mystique’ enhanced by the image portrayed.

    • Thank you so much for stopping by n the comment… Glad you liked it… Not able to check your blog through the link given in your comment… Says it doesnt exist… Normally happens when the name is changed… Anyway have a lovely week…

  3. Mmm thoughtful, and what happens next. Good work, Ms Sunshine.

  4. Sounds like a bad break-up, but well written!!! 🙂

    Love and hugs!


  5. The theme was break up but havent heard of a good break up… Would have written a poem on that rather than making it look so dark… Thanks so much for the comment… Have a great day…

  6. Very well done. The art of poetry eludes me but you wield it with considerable skill.

  7. Hi hun! 🙂

    Miniplanet is in the games section – I had trouble finsing it myself!!!

    Since IU was up at 7am for the trip to the shop all our trouble teens were in bed!!! LoL!!!

    Yep I agree about the fruit juices – they ALL lie in the end…

    My dreams were gone before I woke, so I can’t remember them.

    Sounds like you watched ‘Balde: Trinity’ where Dracula was a shape shifter who could look like anyone he wanted before you went to bed! LoL!!!

    Sounds like your subconcious is a science fiction fan!

    There are two good ways to stop a bad dream in its tracks: Keep a token weapon under your pillow so when you dream of bad things you can fight back, or remember to tap the back of your hand three times to wake you.

    Dreams CAN be manipulated, but it takes practice and a bit of willpower…

    Getting the joystick is half the job – I still need teh game which should arrive in the next few days.

    Sweet dreams love and be well!!!

    Love and hugs!


  8. B.E.A.U.T.I.F.U.L………………..!!!!!!

  9. this is one really well written poem! i like it! you are very creative and im sure you’ll keep writing this way…its very nice to read nice piece of works from you!! great poem!

  10. Hi hun! 🙂

    I have been awakened at all hours by people wanting in – my neighbour Ollie worked a night shift and lost his key, so he woke me and I gave him my spare…

    Yes it is hard to find miniplanet, but once you have it… Mind you I think you have enough games to be going on with!!!

    I hate to play cards – too easy to lose your shirt!!! LoL!!!

    Yeah I can imagine how you would feel if the chips could be converted into REAL money!!! LoL!!!

    I can’t get my eyes checked until October at the earliest because I can only see an optician every two years…

    Good job my eyes are only suffering the effects of age…

    God Bless sweetheart!


  11. hey i awarded you, check my blog in an hour or so!!!

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