Ahhh… Its the dentist…

I’m not sure if its just me but i have feared dentists ever since my first visit to the dental clinic… The mere smell of the clinic would be enough to push my stomach down my knees n make me feel sick… Not hard to forget the smell of antiseptic, bleach n the smell that something really bad is gonna follow… For somebody like me with a fear of syringes the anxiety of surrendering to the dentist would be more traumatic than being hit by a rocket… Now, it wouldn’t sound like I’m exaggerating if i had to tell you that none of my experiences at the clinic have been a pleasant one till date… Absolutely none…

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N i have taken to the best of my knowledge every precaution to avoid this situation… I brush every morning n night n use a mouthwash every night before i go to sleep… Not to forget i avoid sweets… ( I don seem to like them but it works in my favor as far as my teeth are concerned) But alas!!! It just wasn’t enough… Theres a dent in one of the molars… It wouldn’t be bad if it would remain the same size till i could overcome my fear of dentists but sadly the bloody thing grows n the only option i would have in the end would be root canal treatment… ( I would rather have my tooth removed)… Well it isn’t too late now n Ive already fixed an appointment with the dentist… All thats left to do is to wait for the fateful day…

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29 responses to “Ahhh… Its the dentist…

  1. Oh heavens, good luck. It must be aweful to be so fearful. The remedy is better than the options of constant toothache, though. Keep us posted on how it goes.

  2. Sure Al… Will post about it…:)

  3. Hi hun! 🙂

    I have a really delightful dentist called John and his Dental Nurse Sue who have looked after me for a few years now.

    So far I have had two fillings by him and he’s even X-rayed my teeth so I know I’m in good shape despite having very worn teeth.

    I trust John implicitly and even bought him some chocolates as a Christmas present! 🙂

    Hope your dentist is as kind as mine!!! 🙂

    Love and huge hugs!


    • We have shifted to a new place now… Not sure how are the dentists over here… My first visit will tell all…:) Hopefully the day ll go well… I still remember my first visit to the dentist as a kid… I ran all round the room fearing the dentist n in the end both the dentist n dad had to get me back on the chair… I laugh thinking about it now…:) Had some really weired
      experiences at the clinic…

  4. Bugger – forgot the notify tag again…

  5. Hi Love! 🙂

    Just caught your second comment!

    One thing I have learned is that the ruthless get away with everything they do.

    Dad only had one fear: Getting Caught.

    He was a thief who beat his kids for the most minor of infractions, unfaithful to his spouse who he gave a dose of the clap and then blamed it on her, violent, abusive and ultimately left without anyone until my brother Keith ‘forgave him’ because Keith had become a born again Christian.

    Dad even stole my grandmother’s Legacy so the entire family, apart from Keith, has sent him to Coventry.

    Today he lives the high life and when he dies he’s going to leave nothing for the family, just bad memories.

    Oh how I PRAY that there is a Hell…

    Love and hugs!


  6. There was a terrific bit on Sesame Street with “Super Grover” telling a young fellow that yes getting a hair cut would hurt but to just grin and bear it. Bad advice like this for a hair cut is rare. Good advice towards dentistry abounds. Still it is always all about grinning in the end. There is a great mystique attached to a nice smile, molars included. Good post.

  7. I hate the dentist, well actually, not him, but what he does…and that chair?… Just makes for a terrifying time…and I always end up with tears in my eyes, seems to be a natural reaction for me…and the poor nurse has to hold my hand…Maybe it would be best if we could just hypnotise ourselves into believing it’s a ‘nice’ place? Mind over matter!! (with my mind? sheesh!!)…
    anyway, good luck on the visit and smile sweetly and imagine ….um?… it happening to someone else? ..xPenx

    • Ahh… how could i forget the horrendous chair… Just the looks of it scares me… Well no kind of hypnotism would help me overcome my fear… I would have tears in my eyes even if it din hurt me… ( am such a chicken when it comes to dentists) Maybe i should write a sweet poem on dentists… That should make me feel better… Thanks for the luck… I badly need that…:)

  8. I feel the same way! Hang in there, everything will be fine. Probably.

  9. Good luck! I just had my 4 wisdom teeth removed, can’t tell you the pain!

    Well “Bonne Chance”

  10. Dentists. Somehow I always remember to forget my appointments

  11. I shared a similar feeling to you towards going
    to the dentist, until a friend recommended a particular dentist.
    This dentist was amazing and helped me over come this fear / phobia that I had.
    Now.. I don’t like going to the dentist’s, but.. the fear is gone.

  12. I think that the fear of the dentist is bred into us as children, or at least it was with me. I remember when my two boys were young telling them, as we prepared to go to the dentist for their first filling or extraction, that it wasn’t going to hurt. Yet I knew, from my own experiences, the chances were that it was going to hurt like hell. To compensate for this I would tell them that if they were really brave and didn’t cry I would treat them afterwards. Looking back I realise that the money I spent on those treats was as much to make me feel better about the lies I was telling my children as it was for any act of bravery on their part. What always amazed me was how the professionals also lied but seemed to have no qualms about it. I would listen as the dentist said,”Don’t worry young man,” as the child settled nervously into the chair, “This is not going to hurt at all and if you are very brave I will give you a sticker. (I often wondered why, if it’s not going to hurt, do you need to be so brave?) When the boys finally emerged from the room, they would grin and proudly show me their ‘I Was Brave’ sticker. They would then ask if we were going straight to the toy shop to buy the expensive toy I had promised them. How come I could never get away with just a sticker?

  13. I have been to the dentist only once in my life and it was some tooth pulling escapade we had.

    I had a case of a bdr (broken down root)… Most upper portion o the tooth was broken so they had no solid grip to it. The dentist was a female and she tried her level best to pull it out but couldn’t. Then another female tried. and then another lol. I was given the local anesthesia twice … I was like come on just get the damn tooth out will ya!. It looks pretty funny now when i look back but it was horrendous when it was actually happening. Finally male doctor came in and he used his “MIGHT” lol to get it out. Phew something to remember.

  14. LOL.. Will keep in mind next time i visit a dentist.. Must have been a horrendous experience.. Ill have a few more such experiences i guess considering i need to get a tooth extracted.. But that should be the end of the dentist chapter in my life… 🙂

  15. Luckily with hindsight I was able to read that your dentist visit was fine but it still doesn’t take away that fear of that rather ghoulishly looking, almost medieval dentist chair with all those little drills and tooth chipping tools just ready to explore inside one’s mouth, and once inside making sure to squeeze on the live nerve once or twice for good measure, and then that sadistic grin on the dentist’s face that follows 😦 lol

    Yes Sheena we all know that it is a wonderful time at the Dentist 🙂 lol

    Androgoth Xx

  16. Hi there Andro,
    Next to ghouls, vampires n all related creatures i fear dentists.. lol you can imagine how my visits are.. 😉 Need to go there again.. Just waiting for the right time..
    Oh yeah wonderful time only for the dentist n his assistant.. lol
    Have a ghoulish day free of dentists.. 🙂
    Big hugs to you my friend..

  17. Ich mag auch keinen Zahnarzt wenn ich nur schon das Wort höre ,aber was will man machen jedes halbe Jahr muss sein sonst wird es nur noch schlmmer also Zähne zusammen und hingehen.Grüsse lieb Gislinde.

  18. Wünsche dir ein wunderschönes sonniges weekend mit vielen lieben Grüssen Gislinde.

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